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Amazon SEO - Search Engine Optimization

Why is Amazon Search Engine Optimization so important?

Amazon started out in 1994 as a pure online bookseller. What few people know, the first version of the online shop did not have an integrated search. Each article had to be accessed via the navigation. Amazon SEO was not relevant at the time.

The biggest challenge for Amazon in the past as well as now is to do justice to the customer. “Customer Obsession” or “Working backwards from the customer” are common phrases associated with founder Jeff Bezos. And so it was only a matter of time before the search function was implemented.

As it turned out later, about 99% of customers use the search and only 1% use the categories shown, but the topic of Amazon SEO only gains importance many years later.

The devil is in the details

In 2016, Amazon overtook Google in the number of product search inquiries and established itself as a product search engine among retailers and Amazon suppliers. Over 50% of consumers use Amazon as a product search engine without first searching for the product on Google. This year, the topic of Amazon SEO is becoming more important than ever.

But what is part of Amazon SEO or Amazon search engine optimization?

Basically, it should be mentioned that the ranking of the search results depends on different influencing factors.


How often does a customer click on a product?

Shopping Cart

How often does a customer add a product to the shopping cart?


How often is a product sold?

Reviews & Rating

How many reviews does a product have and what is the average rating?

Amazon SEO Content

Does the product have content?

If we now take a closer look at the Amazon SEO Content part, what must be taken into account so that the possibilities are exhausted to the maximum?

Deep Dive – Amazon SEO Content

Keyword Research – The basis for an Amazon SEO optimized product listing is extensive keyword research. This process should be considered and implemented before creating further points. AMAVEN uses, among other things, a specially developed program for content optimization. When selecting the keywords, you must also ensure that the maximum number of possible keyword characters is not exceeded.

Title – The title shouldn’t be too long, but not too short either. The product should already be very well described with the title in the search without cutting off valuable information. 2-3 major keywords should also be incorporated into the title. The product title is an integral part of Amazon SEO.

Highlights – Also known as selling points or bullet points, they are used to provide the customer with a brief overview of the product’s key features. Again, it is not too long, but not too short either. According to various information, this area is no longer indexed by Amazon if the length exceeds 1000 characters. As a guideline, a maximum of 5 bullet points should be displayed. The bullet points are also part of Amazon SEO.

Images – First of all, a product image must be available so that a product can be found. In addition, the quality of the images should be of high quality and Amazon should enable the zoom-in, zoom-out function. Does the number of images affect Amazon SEO? Yes! Because only good content sells products if availability and price are irrelevant. The optimal number of images has a significant influence on the success of the product. Furthermore, one could argue about whether Amazon ticks the dwell time on product images and allows this size to flow into the Amazon search algorithm.

Product Description – The product description is used to describe the product in running text. As in the title and in the highlights, appropriate keywords should be processed. The product description and the number of characters also have an impact on Amazon SEO.

Aplus Content – Also called enhanced brand content, the product and branding are brought to the fore in more detail. Using a modular system, extended content about the product can be described in the form of texts and lifestyle images in Vendor Central or Seller Central. But does the A + influence the ranking? The quality of the A + is not mandatory, but whether A + is available or not, because this query is carried out by Amazon every day in order to improve the quality of the product listings on a sustainable basis.

What about your product listings? Are your products Amazon SEO optimized or are you currently looking for a suitable solution to sustainably improve your rankings on Amazon?

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